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Since 1991, Results Group has consistently delivered program results to address scientific challenges. With solid accounting controls, and a track record of delivering programs on-budget, Results Group provides consistent performance that exceed program obligations. As a women owned, small disadvantaged business, we focus on developing solutions to underserved health and environmental needs.

Working in alignment with Open Innovators, RG has access to the most advanced techniques for optimizing new product development.

Through managing small teams of researchers, Results Group is committed to delivering solutions that:

  • Prevent vision loss
  • Reduce lower limb injuries
  • Accelerate remediation of oil spills in sensitive ecosystems
  • Foster cross-cultural understanding of conflict resolution

Research Focus Points:
Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Amputation and lower limb disability – which cost over $19B in the US alone, is responsible for an amputation every 10 minutes, and associated with a higher mortality rate than half of the top 10 cancers.

Solution> FlyBand® brand of lower limb exoskeleton that has been created to bring new hope to prevent limb loss and maintain healthy mobility. Covered by multiple US patents.

Collaborators: Grateful for support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Administration for Community Living (NIDILRR). Research collaborations with USC, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Nebraska, University of Arizona, University of Virginia, and University of Connecticut.

Preventing vision loss – modern therapeutics in the areas of Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathies and Glaucoma show a clinical success rate well over 90%, yet epidemiology studies show that patients continue to lose vision, simply because they did not start therapies quick enough.

Solution> Our patented novel vision monitoring & education tools are being studied to evaluate their impact on patients ability to better care for their vision.   Visit

Collaborators: Funding through the National Eye Institute (NIH) with clinical collaboration with Johns Hopkins University and the Wilmer Eye Institute.

Accelerating bio-degradation of oil spills in sensitive areas – while many oil spills may be remediated by using heavy equipment to excavate contaminants and replace with cleaner substrate, this is not possible in sensitive marsh and marine environments.

Solution> Our in-situ isolation systems enable targeted delivery of remediation agents to sensitive areas through a passive mechanism.

Collaborators: Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with research collaboration with Dauphine Island Sea Lab and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Conflict resolution – At any level of relationship, conflict is a serious problem which is often poorly understood, Whether between two people, two companies or two countries, conflict consumes a disproportionate amount of resources and its resolution is often slow and difficult to achieve.


Solution> Our multi-year program will establish a unified definition of conflict and the "failure modes" that lead to conflict as well as the "resolution modes" that lead to restoration. By establishing this common ground, we are able to support innovation and collaboration across any table to help accelerate restoration of productive relationships.


Collaborators: Currently establishing funding support and university collaborators.

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Biomechanics researchNovel vision test diariesRunning Clinical TrialsRetinal diseaseEducating eye doctorsWeb based vision monitoringPositive resultsSimulating exoskeleton impact on metabolic demand for work environmentsDeploying test unitsAdditive manufacturing of new FlyBand brand exoskeletons
Biomechanics research Understanding epidemiology and prevention of soft-tissue injuries
Novel vision test diaries Developing novel approaches to accelerate detection of retinal disease
Running Clinical Trials Novel Exoskeleton to help prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Retinal disease Working with seniors to address the leading causes of adult blindness
Educating eye doctors Developing tools to educate eye doctors on improving patient behavior
Web based vision monitoring Developed by Results Group, now in 3rd year of clinical evaluation
Positive results Presenting positive results of first clinical test with Johns Hopkins
Simulating exoskeleton impact on metabolic demand for work environments
Deploying test units Test units have been deployed in estuaries across multiple states
Additive manufacturing of new FlyBand brand exoskeletons