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Opening Innovation: We unlock the innovation potential of life science, technology & engineering based organizations.

  • We enable team success in cost & risk-constrained environments and know what it means to be scrappy – doing much more with much less.
  • We continue to develop and refine our innovation tools by operating a research organization for socially conscious new product ventures.
  • We have earned our stripes and the repeat business of multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as significant research support from the National Institutes of Health & the National Science Foundation.

Opening minds, hearts and doors since 1996

In MumbaiIn MexicoSuburban IndianaNorth of NYCIn the HimalayasLeading an off-site strategy sessionIn the Gulf CoastIn ConnecticutAt Parachute SchoolFighting blindness
In Mumbai Understanding patient access to medicines in various cultures
In Mexico talking with locals to understand their views on forgiveness
Suburban Indiana conducting ethnographic research for a pharmaceutical project
North of NYC Finishing a brainstorming day with a team BBQ
In the Himalayas Understanding various monastic approaches to conflict resolution
Leading an off-site strategy session Working with our client to rationalize product concepts according to strategic priorities
In the Gulf Coast Developing solutions to remediate oil spills in sensitive estuaries & marshes
In Connecticut talking with patients to gain deeper understanding of diabetes
At Parachute School Understanding lower limb injuries and causes
Fighting blindness

open approach

We drive 3 key areas of innovation:

Find opportunities others miss Find opportunities others miss Find opportunities others miss Find opportunities others miss Find opportunities others miss Find opportunities others miss

Find opportunities
others miss

See the world through the eyes of individual people and gain the perspective needed to illuminate new answers in existing research. Develop empathy to gain confidence in unfamiliar growth areas.
Create higher value concepts for less money Create higher value concepts for less money Create higher value concepts for less money Create higher value concepts for less money Create higher value concepts for less money

Create higher value
concepts for less money

Start with brainstorming, but don???t stop there. Radically reduce the costs of experimentation so that concepts come to life and risks are proactively mitigated.
Evaluate, communicate and champion Evaluate, communicate and champion Evaluate, communicate and champion Evaluate, communicate and champion Evaluate, communicate and champion Evaluate, communicate and champion

Evaluate, communicate
and champion

Filter concepts through strategic review. Top ideas require a strong pitch and a team to bring them forward We help scientists & engineers develop the champion behaviors needed to garner organizational support.

open minds

Mark RoserSheryl Torr-Brown, PhDEric SpencerTed NunesNed O'DonovanColt StanderMark RoserEric SpencerDonald R. JoyEric Spencer
Mark Roser It's no longer about being the biggest fish in the sea, but the fastest. If he only had castanets, we would all be dancing
Sheryl Torr-Brown, PhD Shedding light on even the most tangled and complex problems
Eric Spencer If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Eric speaks volumes without saying a word
Ted Nunes Knocking out obstacles, clearing the path and back again for a victory fist-bump
Ned O'Donovan Whipping up the crowd as he orchestrates team members through concept reviews
Colt Stander Just as talented at organizational strategy as he is at holding up drawings without tape
Mark Roser Prototyping food innovations in the kitchen.
Eric Spencer
Donald R. Joy Always in good taste
Eric Spencer
Open Minds

Mark Roser

  • Inside the mind of the customer
  • Fearless in the face of ambiguity
  • Visualizer of new opportunities
  • Founded OI in 1996
>> Contact Mark

Sheryl Torr-Brown, PhD

  • Chief medical innovator
  • The bridge between patients and science and vice-versa
  • Clarifier of all things complex
>> Contact Sheryl

Ned O'Donovan

  • Chief Implementation Officer
  • 'da Professor
  • Modeling and forecasting lead
>> Contact Ned

Donald R. Joy

  • Marketing maven
  • Master of organization
  • Culinary explorer
  • The customer's best friend
>> Contact Donald

Ted Nunes

  • Ted creates the "2" in both B2B and B2C
  • Mobile web magician
  • App happy
>> Contact Ted

Eric Spencer

  • Quick draw
  • Reshaper of problems
  • Allows thought to gain identity
>> Contact Eric

Bob Moore

  • Master of team alignment
  • The lighthouse
  • Chief program architect
>> Contact Bob

Colt Sander

  • Master of paradox
  • At home in the boardroom workshop and design studio
  • Hands-on strategist
>> Contact Colt

open for business

How we are different: Open Innovators focuses on scientific and technology innovation challenges.

  • Each of our facilitators has a deep background within a technology or life-sciences field as well as experience in product or team leadership.
  • We foster projects within companies as well as open-innovation collaborations
  • We enable team success in cost & risk-constrained environments, producing more results with fewer resources
Engineering & Technology

From clean diesel technology and hybrid vehicles to aerospace and biomechanical products – we know the needs of engineers and product managers. We design innovation processes and activities that harvest deep customer insights and then use those as a springboard to develop new-to-world concepts.

Life Sciences

From ophthalmology to Alzheimer’s to diabetes and more, we help you cross the bridge between patient needs and scientific fact – allowing therapeutics to more closely reflect the factors that determine well-being. We have developed tools that enable clinical teams to go beyond facts in a case report form to better understand the patient behind the data.

10:30 PMPatient insightsScenario planningTeaching innovationIdea generationTeaching innovationHaving funStrategic alignmentVisualizing innovationListening to customers
10:30 PM wrapping up idea generation after a successful day
Patient insights understanding perspective through real conversations
Scenario planning forecasting the impact of future trends in Asia
Teaching innovation helping STEM students learn innovation
Idea generation Working together to create new concepts across a variety of domains
Teaching innovation helping students develop their own inventions
Having fun Getting outside the box
Strategic alignment Prioritizing concepts, providing input necessary for investment decisions
Visualizing innovation Eric creating rapid sketches to bring ideas to life
Listening to customers in India, understanding unmet needs in ophthalmology

open R&D

Unlocking the factors that impact vision lossThe BP oil spillRunning Clinical TrialsStudying retinal functionEarly resultsAt a retirement communityIn IndiaBiomechanics SimulationsOutside a refineryAt Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Unlocking the factors that impact vision loss Meeting with individuals with retinal disease to understand help-seeking behavior
The BP oil spill In the gulf coast developing new tools to remediate oiled marshs
Running Clinical Trials Running clinical trials focused on preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcer and amputation.
Studying retinal function Developing new tools to address enable improved functional home vision tests
Early results Results from an early study, showing our patented tool???s excellent performance
At a retirement community Interacting with seniors to better understand factors that influence self-care behavior
In India Meeting with eye doctors to understand factors that lead to preventable vision loss
Biomechanics Simulations Developing new exoskeletons to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Amputation.
Outside a refinery Testing prototype devices in marshes along the Gulf Coast
At Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Conducting laboratory simulated spills & remediation of light sweet crude
Open R&D

Our Internal R&D Projects

We manage an internal portfolio of socially conscious research & commercialization ventures in collaboration with universities, government and research institutes. This provides us with a living laboratory to develop our innovation technique and to ensure that our consulting approach stays true to the real-world.

Current programs:

  • Developing exoskeletons to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcer and prevent foot amputation
  • Developing low cost protective footwear to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcer in developing countries
  • Ophthalmic diagnostics for the leading causes of adult blindness

Our R&D Organization:

Results Group LLC has been commercializing health technologies since 1991. We are extremely grateful for the support of the National Institutes of Health, US Administration for Community Living (NIDILRR), National Science Foundation, and the UK National Health Services. We are fully eligible to assist on all federally sponsored research programs.

open access

Free materials for you

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Innovation Processes

Innovation Processes:

The Pace of Frugal Innovation

Pacing innovation helps establish support & reduce costs

>> White Paper

Visualizing Value

Collaboration tools to help understand new markets

>> White Paper

Innovation Stages Map

A simplified list of innovation stages, comparing various open-source & proprietary innovation process listings.

>> Map
Innovation People

Innovation People

The Expert's Dilemma

Why upstart organizations with little money out innovate the Fortune 500

>> White Paper

Empathy and the Customer

Towards a deeper understanding of patient and customer needs through empathy.

>> White Paper

Innovation Governance Ownership

"How" innovation is owned is more important than "who" owns the innovation title.

>> Blog Post

Marketing & Engineering

Oil and water, Yankees and Red Sox; some things never get along that easily

>> Blog Post
Innovation Philosophy

Innovation Philosophy

The Paradox of Seeds

What can we learn from nature in how species vie for 'market share'.

>> White Paper


A critical element of innovation team success

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